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Spa therapy is wonderful! That is why, in my 16th year of offering my services to the community; I decided to zero-in on the magnificence of health and wellness with one single modality…MASSAGE. Yes, massage therapy is the rekindling, the balancing, the nurturing, the rejuvenation, and the renewing of the body’s very own natural healing rhythms.

My name is DeNise Del Davis. I began this journey in 2004 after 30 years in corporate America. I was a successful administrative manager in the oil field arena, supporting engineers with the daunting task of professional office management. I wanted a change. 

Natural healing has always been my choice of healthcare, so I looked there for vocation opportunities. Massage therapy was booming. The next best career choice for individuals seeking to explore new territories. I opened my first business and remained in business until 2012. Why 2012? My dear mom passed in December 2012. Her passing was devastating to me; so I decided to take a Sabbatical to sort things out. My mom retired after 60 years as an educator in the Longview Independent School District. Teaching was a field that I had little interest in. However, I felt that if I taught school, I would be closer to my mom. This was my way of showing honor to her works and contributions. Since January of 2014, I have substituted for teachers in their absence; in the Dallas Fort Worth metropolis, and have gained a sense of love for the profession. 

I still have love for massage therapy and have maintained my license to massage in Texas. I love bringing smiles to people’s faces, and massage therapy does just that. My services as a massage therapist will be offered weekdays after school. I would like to build a solid client base, and I am in no rush. 

Here at kNot A Spa Massage, my goal is to: 

  • Personalize a healing session that increases energy, while relieving pain and discomfort 
  • Portray a heavenly-like escape for your stress-free massage session 
  • Prepare a unique approach to massage, combined with the familiarity of warmth and indulgence 
  • Present a professional yet accommodating massage therapy session, and 
  • Provide an atmosphere for relaxation. 

We are kNot a Spa… However, we are Massage at its best! Join us at kNot A Spa Massage…TODAY!!! 


Relaxingly yours, 
DeNise Del Davis 
MT# 042613

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